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Why choose mandala

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Mandala

Lowest trading fees

Industry-leading exchange platform with access to the largest liquidity pool in the world and fees as low at 0.065%.

trading pairs

Access hundreds of cryptocurrencies and thousands of trading pairs.

# of countries

Customers around the world from 100+ countries discover and begin their journeys with crypto through Mandala.

Mandala Madness

Sign up today for a free entry to Mandala Madness

Over $17,000 in prizes distributed so far this year!


What our customers say

"I was looking for a solid crypto investment and found a gem in Mandala. A dynamic crypto exchange whose team actively collaborates with their users on social media daily and quick customer service second to none. Funds are SAFU with over 1,000 trading pairs. Always innovating and growing daily, Mandala is a world class exchange with massive potential."

Jeff Perry


”I’ve been trading crypto for over 5 years bouncing from exchange to exchange mainly due to low book orders, trading fee hikes, security concerns, or a lackluster support system. After a year trading on the Mandala Exchange, I haven’t logged into the others much."

Michael McGehee


I’ve been in the 320k club for a month and it’s very satisfying to see rebates coming in during the market downturn. What I like most about the Mandala team is their focus on token value and the holders. Ideas are tossed around and absorbed by the team with the common goal of adding value to the token and the exchange. Mandala Exchange launched in 2021 and shares Binance liquidity, has the lowest trading fees in the industry and all funds are SAFU. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this hidden gem. "

Justin Clark


Comparison vs Coinspot

Comparison between Mandala and Coinspot to analyze the Lowest Fees



Limit order Fee









* KYC – Know Your Customer – Identity Verification
* SAFU – Secure Asset Fund for Users – Emergency insurance fund established by Binance to protect users’ funds.


Have questions? Here you’ll find the answers most valued by our users.

To deposit tokens or coins to the Exchange, you’ll need to have a compatible cryptocurrency wallet. Wallets and networks are available depending on the types of tokens or coins you want to transfer.

Mandala token or MDX is the native and utility token offered by the Mandala Exchange. You can use it for various trading functions such as trading competitions, exotic order types, lifting fees, access to trading bots, and fiat onramp.

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Yes, you can buy MDX using our Indacoin Integration HERE.
Alternatively, you can buy the token right on the Exchange, but it only accepts payments made using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). pulvinar velit nisi, massa at. Malesuada interdum mauris, eget turpis.

You can find a complete list of restricted countries HERE.

One of Mandala Exchange’s perks is our extremely low trading fees, primarily thanks to our trading fee rebates. You can receive rebates once you lock in a minimum amount of MDX for a required 30-day period.
The number of rebates you can get will depend on your locking balance, which is 5% for a minimum of 5000 MDX tokens locked, 10% for 20,000 MDX, 15% for 40,000 MDX, and so on; up to a 35% rebate for locking 300,000 MDX.
Your account will receive the rebates as credits on a rolling 30-day period based on your locking date.

Withdrawal fees in Mandala vary depending on what assets you have or want to withdraw. For example, the minimum withdrawal of 0.01 ETH requires a 0.005 ETH transaction fee and 0.0005 BTC if you withdraw a minimum of 0.001 BTC from your account.

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