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SafeMoon V2 (SFM) Listing On Mandala Exchange

Mandala Exchange

Mandala Exchange

Jan 30 . 5 min read

If you’re thinking of venturing into the cryptocurrency world, you need to know the Mandala token and why it’s the next hottest crypto to invest in.

With so many cryptocurrencies and exchanges available as blockchain technology becomes more popular, Mandala aims to revolutionize the market. Instead of only offering investment and trading experience to users, Mandala’s main objective is to be the first SEC-compliant and backed blockchain asset exchange and cryptocurrency.

To make it short, Mandala aims to be the new and better go-to cryptocurrency exchange for new and seasoned traders alike through its simplistic buy incredibly diverse platform.

Here’s everything that can help you if you want to invest in the Mandala token today.


What Is the Mandala Token (MDX)?

MDX token investment details:

  • Token Type: Utility token
  • Ticker: MDX
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC20
  • Token Supply: 400 million
  • Tokens Available for Sale: 65% (260 million)
  • Soft Capital: $3 million
  • Hard Capital: $18 million
  • Payments Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC
  • Minimum Investment: 0.01 BTC/ 0.10 ETC/ 0.5 LTC

The MDX token is a utility token based on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain and features many different uses when traded in the Mandala platform. It’s a functional token that allows novice participants in the cryptocurrency world to try out and fine-tune their expertise in the market. MDX token also provides experienced crypto investors and traders to find and build opportunities using an alternative and new trading platform.

The crowdsale for MDX token started May 11th in 2018, which opened to all international contributors, except US residents. The crowdsale distributed 160 million MDX tokens, which represents 65% of the total token supply. 20% of the total MDX tokens belong to the team, with 10% on reserve, and the last 5% are for advisors, influencers, and bounty.

The total token sale proceeds from the crowdsale distribution assume to support the Mandala roadmap and development plans of the trading platform. It includes developing all its features such as the user interface, apps, and support for sales and marketing efforts to accelerate platform adoptions by institutions and other users.

As a functional token, MDX offers specialized trading capabilities, trading rebates, and even referral rewards. By far, the most relevant feature of the MDX token is its 80% discount offer for commissions and trading fees. The token can also be utilized as transaction payments on built-in markets like a trading assistant, entry and exit signals, and strategy testing.

Currently, Mandala offers a total circulating supply of 400 million MDX tokens.


Top Perks of Using the MDX Token

One reason why the MDX token gained popularity and preference from both new and seasoned traders is the perks and bonuses that come with it. Take a look at the few that you can take advantage of.


Free Rebates

You can take advantage of trading fee rebates when using Mandala tokens within the Mandala Exchange.

  • Locking a required MDX token amount on your Mandala Exchange wallet for at least 30 days will unlock platform features and enhancements. It will also grant you eligibility to receive trading fee rebates.
  • Following the 30-day lock-in period, you’ll receive your rebates as a credit to your wallet based on the currency used when you paid for the trading fees.
  • You will receive the trading fee rebates every 30th-day period depending on your locking period date.

The trading fee rebate you can receive depends on the minimum amount of your 30-day locking balance. For example, if your Mandala Exchange wallet has at least a 20,000 MDX locking balance, you will receive a 0.01% rebate. It will increase to 0.02% rebate if you have 40,000 MDX, 0.03% rebate for 80,000 MDX, 0.04% rebate for 160,000 MDX, and 0.05% rebate for 320,000 MDX.


Referral Program

When you invite friends and other users to Mandala, you’ll get a decent referral bonus or commission based on their trading fees. However, that isn’t the end of Mandala’s referral program. If you want to, you can also share a percentage of your commission with friends.

  • Earn referral rewards generated from the trading fees of accounts that sign up to the Mandala Exchange with your referral code.
  •  Share up to 50% of your referral rewards with the accounts you invite.
  •  Generate referral links good for up to 10% back off of the trading fees of the invitee and choose to share 0% or 5% with invitees.

Other perks that you can take advantage of with Mandala token are exotic order types, trading competitions, various giveaways, access to a trading bot, and many others.

Reasons Why MDX is the Next Hottest Cryptocurrency

Many cryptocurrencies and exchanges rose to fame and valuation in recent years. While Mandala is quite a new one in the block, it poses to grow further in years to come, and there are tons of reasons why it’s the next hottest cryptocurrency to buy and hold.

  1. It has the lowest transaction fees.

Mandala has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, transaction fees within the crypto market. Those free rebates are so much better than the perks you can get from other exchanges if there are any.

  1. It’s early enough to join the referral program.

That referral program from Mandala is a remarkable opportunity for you. Being one of the earliest to sign-up and invest in MDX token, you can expect the get a serious bag of commissions if you get other people to sign-up after you.

  1. Buying the MDX token is like buying BNB for cheaper.

Binance coin is currently one of the largest cryptocurrency assets, and MDX token poses to follow the same path. After all, Binance is working with Mandala through the Binance Cloud platform. If you missed out on investing in BNB before it took off, it’s time to take advantage of MDX before its price rise immensely.

This new token comes with incredible perks you can’t find in other exchanges, from low transaction fees, new and advanced trading features, and access to trading bots. Whether you are an expert trader looking to expand your assets or looking for the lowest fees or a newbie trader taking a dip in the crypto world, Mandala token is a welcome opportunity.