Mandala Exchange Partners With HaasOnline To Bring Advanced Algorithm Trading to our Users

Mandala Exchange

Mandala Exchange

Jan 9. 10 min read

Mandala is proud to announce our latest partnership with HaasOnline, the legendary on-premise trade automation server for advanced crypto trade bots.

As part of our partnership, Mandala Exchange and HaasOnline have teamed up to offer our traders up to $10,000 in USDT promotional giveaways!

HaasOnline’s flagship product is the HaasOnline TradeServer or HTS for short.
HTS is a fully featured cryptocurrency trading platform designed to automate trading.
With thousands of active users HTS is the premier cryptocurrency trading platform in this industry today.

  • HaasOnline’s flagship product has been around since 2013
  • TradeServer Cloud was released for public beta testing around April ’22 and has ~3.4k active traders
  • Traders have created over 34k bots, executed ~15mm orders, generated ~$1.5bn in volume, and run ~2m backtests on TradeServer Cloud
  • Take advantage of HaasOnline’s prebuilt custom trading bots for a wide range of pre-built trading strategies
  • Leverage advanced functionality such as custom order types, bot extensions, market scanners, portfolio management, and much more.
  • Stay out of the Cloud with HaasOnline TradeServer. Your trade data and API keys are stored on your secure hardware, safe from third-party tracking.
  • Add additional layers of risk management to help protect your positions or take advantage of volatility with trading bots tailored for specific market conditions.
  • Optimize settings and parameters for your newly created HaasScripts. Choose from several different algorithms to run your trading scripts through.
  • Take advantage of HaasOnline’s Backtesting and Paper Trading in order to use historical and real-time market data to test your crypto trade bot strategies.

Besides Mandala, HaasOnline supports trading on over 25+ of the largest crypto exchanges!

So, go ahead and sign-up for your HaasOnline account today and start trading like a PRO! Sign up here

Promotion Details outlined below:

Registration & Deposit Bonus – $5 USDT

Register on Mandala Exchange, connect a free HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud account and deposit $50 USD during this promotion to receive $5 USDT deposited directly to your account.
These rewards are limited to the first 100 HaasOnline registrations, so act fast!
As this is an exclusive sign-up offer for the HaasOnline community, existing Mandala Exchange users do not qualify for this portion of the promotion.

Trading Volume Competition – Up to $10,000 USDT

Volume Milestones:
Each time the cumulative volume from HaasOnline traders hits $6 million dollars, Mandala will give away $1,000 USDT to the top 50 HaasOnline traders.
This will continue for 6 months or a total volume of $60 million, whichever comes first.

To participate, all traders must execute spot trades through HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud and their Mandala account during the promotional period.

Eligible traders share a prize pool of up to $10,000 USDT throughout the promotion.
Rewards are determined by a trader’s position on the ranking list by accumulated trading volume.


Rewards for every 6 Million in Cumulative Volume

1st 2nd 3rd 4-20th 21-50th
25% - $250 15% - $150 15% - $150 30% - $18.75 ea 20% - $6.67 ea

User Eligibility Requirements

  • Must trade a minimum of $20k in volume during each $6 million milestone.
  • Must be trading on Mandala Exchange through an integrated HaasOnline account.
  • If there aren’t up to 50 users taking advantage of this promotion, the qualified users will share a larger percentage of the prize pool, TBD

Successfully registered users are entitled to earn rewards by participating in the event
Late registration will not be accepted
All Rewards will be distributed to your account within 30 working days after the activity
Each participant needs an active Mandala account with an integrated HaasOnline account
Mandala reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to amending, changing or canceling the event without prior notice.
Please contact Mandala if you have any questions