How To Pull Volume Data From Mandala Exchange API

Mandala Exchange

Mandala Exchange

Dec 16 . 5 min read

Over the last few weeks a ton of people have been inquiring about our API. Specifically, our users are asking how to pull volume data from our API.

Thanks to our dedicated community members and our support team we have some insight for you below!

For pairs that are only on Mandala (MDX & VAB)

Please run this query and pull the “volume” value from the pair you wish to view:

For all other pairs from the Binance eco-system

Please run the same query, but pull the “base volume” or “quote volume” to get the volume traded specifically on Mandala in the last 24 hours.

(You will be able to see which asset is base and which is quote in the output from each token.)

Single Asset

You can also pull a single asset by adding to the query like below:

We hope you all find this useful in separating our internal volume compared to our friends over at Binance 🙂