Mandala Exchange Fee Schedule Adjustment

Mandala Exchange

Mandala Exchange

Jan 7 . 5 min read

Over the last few months, we have been contemplating how we can incorporate our smaller MDX holders and provide added utility & functionality for both our large and small token holders.

We are restructuring rebates and locking levels in order to allow Mandala to continue building out token use cases with third-party partners, bringing our user base increased functionality for the MDX token in 2022.

We believe we have come up with a new fee schedule that coincides nicely with our recent rollout of Mandala Madness.

The new minimum lock for MDX is now set at 1,000 MDX. Additionally we have adjusted our levels from 5 to 8 in order to accommodate all size traders 🙂

Introducing the new Mandala Fee Schedule:

We believe providing trading rebates and locking levels for all size traders is important here at Mandala. The new minimum lock of 1,000 MDX will allow our smaller holders to partake in Mandala Madness. In addition, for our larger holders, previously locking more than 320k MDX served no purpose. Now it does!

With Mandala Madness you can accrue as many entries as you wish!

Have 1M MDX locked? Get 1,000 entries into the Mandala Madness Pool. Our new locking levels are now live and users with as little as 1,000 MDX can now lock their tokens for a chance to win our monthly Mandala Madness pool. Additionally, you can now lock as low as 5,000 MDX to earn trading rebates (Previously 20,000 MDX). 

Check out how our new fee structure stacks up against the competition:

We are excited to take these next steps forward and provide you all with expanded utility and functionality for all MDX token holders!


The Mandala Team