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A combination of efforts have led us to have our most successful month for the exchange yet

Attached below is our our Mandala progress report. It focuses in on our marketing efforts and the exposure we have gained from the last few months across various mediums, as well as some volume, user and trading metrics. This report is about showing the growth this exchange has seen. Month over month there has been an incredible increase in users, volume and revenue for the exchange.

As I am sure some of you have noticed, we have taken a strong approach on zoning in on trends in the space, SHIB as an example, is heavily reflected in our volume and has been very successful. Aside from trends, we have also targeted niche audiences, as Donnie showed yesterday, right now we are focusing in on cross-chain work arounds through Mandalas available networks. We will continue to target these trends and niche audiences as opportunities present themselves. If you see any trends or communities we should go after, please let us know!

Aside from that, our influencer activations and programmatic campaigns have performed very well, increasing our social exposure across the board. In the next few weeks we have a few more influencer videos lined up so stay tuned for those.

As we wait for our key development items to roll out, our marketing team will continue to grind and grow this exchange day after day. Establishing a core user base while we wait for items like Hummingbot is key and will only compound our efforts when we do role out new features in the near future.

We are excited for the progress we have made so far, and are extremely excited for the weeks and months ahead!

As always, shout out to our community for the continued support and positive sentiment. Let the grind continue!

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