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Jun 6. 8 min read

Hello Mandalarians!

We are back with ‘Mandala Minutes’, a dedicated biweekly newsletter compiled by the team to help inform our userbase about the new and exciting news surrounding Mandala Exchange.

In this edition of our newsletter:

  • Mandala Madness Updates
  • MandalaFi
  • Mandala x Whale Coin Talk Partnership
  • Mandala MVPs

Mandala Madness.

Our Mandala Madness dashboard is finally complete!

The dashboard allows users to calculate their winning odds, check the current prize pool, see past winners, etc.
We may also use this page for similar future promotions.

We look forward to watching these pots grow as our volume grows.
We have already distributed over $35,000 in prizes this year!
The last Mandala Madness winners split over $8k
So, remember to lock up that MDX and get trading!
The more the exchange volume, the larger the prize 🙂

Unfortunately, due to current market conditions, Mandala has been forced to reconsider several of our promotions and expenditures. After careful consideration, our team has decided to scale back on our Mandala Madness lottery for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our customers. However, we feel that we would be doing both ourselves and our customers a disservice by ignoring the current market conditions and not pivoting accordingly.
We will be cutting the Lottery Prize ratio in half to 0.00025%. Even with current market conditions, we should still see some decent prize pools, because let’s face it…people still need a place to trade in bear markets.
These changes will go into effect starting in July.

If you are new to Mandala, make sure you read up on what Mandala Madness is all about and enter for your chance to win a share of the prize pool!

Whale Coin Talk Partnership

The Mandala team has begun to formulate mutually beneficial partnerships with various AMA/Call Groups.
We are nearing the final stages of agreements with our first official partner, Whale Coin Talk, and are excited to work together with this community to help bring awareness to Mandala as well as provide our users with a reputable spot to scope out new projects. Who knows, maybe some of those projects end up getting listed on Mandala Exchange?
WCT Discord:
WCT Telegram:
WCT Twitter:

Growth Metrics:

We have continued to see consistent growth throughout our ecosystem and would like to share some of those metrics with you all.

Website Traffic

Exchange Highlights:

Mid-Month Token Volume Leaders: 

  1. JASMY
  2. BTC
  3. USDC
  4. ETH
  5. THETA

Asset with the highest Volume growth: ADA (↑215%)

Most Held Asset: BUSD (20%)

Country with the most Traders: Canada 10.4%

Community Updates:

Community FAQs

Q. Does Binance’ “BUSD Zero Maker Fees” promotion also apply for users on Mandala?

A. Yes, Mandala users can trade with 0 maker fees with BUSD and there are also no trading fees on selected USD stablecoin pairs –

Mandala MVPs 

While the market has been bearish the past few days, there are always a few people that find opportunities where others don’t. That sometimes goes unnoticed. It definitely should not. This is why with this section we want to shine a much-deserved spotlight on individuals from within our community that went above and beyond.

We are going to start off with gm515 from our discord server. 

For the past weeks, he offered help on many occasions. Especially for those that were interested in testing grid bot trading with our partner Good Crypto. He provided knowledge and advice, he also wrote up a guide on how you can utilize the volume and volatility of major financial news, such as the expected interest hike rate announcement by the FED last week. Not only did he provide his technical analysis of what volatility he expects after the announcement to help define the levels of the grid you would want to set up, he also wrote up helpful posts about how to use a grid bot in the first place, which pair he recommends and many things more.

Here are some stats of the first two hours of his trading session:

Traded Asset: BTC

Starting capital: $716.00

Number of trades: 32

Trading volume: $2052.00

Total profit: $10.35 + trading fee rebates

Total PNL: 1,45 %
APY: 6857%

“GC’s grid bot is awesome and currently, you can and should try it for free thanks to Mandala”
– gm515

If you want to read up on his 2hr trading session – check out our Mandala Discord

Sign up HERE for GoodCrypto.

Download our App:
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RISK WARNING: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. Mandala Exchange will make best efforts to choose high-quality coins but will not be responsible for your trading losses.

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