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SafeMoon V2 (SFM) Listing On Mandala Exchange | Defi Token
Fellow Mandalarians,
Mandala Exchange will open trading for SFM/USDT trading pairs on 2022-05-10 at 02:00 AM (UTC).
What is SafeMoon (SFM)?
The SafeMoon Protocol V2 is a community focused DeFi token that forms part of the expanding SafeMoon ecosystem.
Four simple functions occur during each trade:
4% is Redistributed to all existing holders
LP Acquisition
3% is added to liquidity
Token Burn
2% of tokens are burned
Growth Fund
1% is added to the SafeMoon Ecosystem Growth Fund
How Will SafeMoon Tokenomics Work on Mandala?

Traders will be taxed the standard 10% SafeMoon tax as well as a Mandala trading fee, depending what $MDX locking tier you are in (Base trading fee is 0.1%, traders can receive up to 35% off trading fees by locking Mandala native token, $MDX).

Mandala will send 6% of collected taxes to the Safemoon team to distribute to their allocated addresses for their LP, burn and growth fund. 
The 6% will be sent to the safemoon team via address: 0xf218BEBCfb919Fc6CD73Df9ABDdBD5DAEd1a6c57

From there the Safemoon team will distribute accordingly.

The remaining 4% will be distributed to Mandala SFM holders bi-weekly. 

How will reflections work on Mandala?
Mandala will take a snapshot of all SFM holders on the 1st & 15th of every month at 12 AM UTC . SFM holders will be sent their reflections within 72-96 hours after the screenshot is taken. 

Users that trade and hodl their SFM on Mandala exchange can enjoy SAFU funds, as well as collect their 4% local SFM reflections bi-weekly.

What is MDX and How Can I Get Rebates on My SFM Trading Fees?
If you’re a High Frequency Trader and not trading on Mandala Exchange you are quite literally losing $ trade by trade!
Mandala Exchange Token (MDX) primary utility is built to help High Frequency Traders save money while trading on Mandala Exchange.
MDX utility has a built in locking feature. The more MDX you accumulate and lock, the lower your trading fees are!
Additionally, we have introduced Mandala Madness:
The new Mandala Madness prize pool uses a percentage of trading fees accrued from the exchange to generate yield for prizes that will be drawn from every month.
Meaning, instead of these trading fees going directly to the exchange, that yield will go directly into the pot for one big reward for three lucky Mandalarians to take home. Plus, the beauty of it is that the prize pool continuously grows with increased volume on the exchange.
How do I enter?
To enter Mandala Madness, all you have to do is a lock a minimum of 1,000 MDX (Our Level 1). For every 1,000 MDX you lock, you get an entry.
10,000 MDX Locked = 10 Entries
1,000,000 MDX Locked = 1,000 Entries
There is no limit on entries.
What is SafeMoon Spin-Off?
Here’s how it works:
The SafeMoon Spin-Off prize pool will be generated from a percentage of revenue generated from trading SFM. The more volume generated on the pair, the larger the prize pool will be.
Assemble the army!
How to enter:
To qualify for SafeMoon Spin-Off you must have a minimum of 1,000 MDXT locked and hold a minimum of 32,000 SFM on Mandala Exchange.
For every 32,000 SFM held on Mandala, you will receive 1 entry
For every $32 SFM Market buy, you will receive 1 entry
For every $32 MDXT Market buy, you will receive 2 entries
Market buys over $32 will receive additional entries accordingly.**
Account A
Market Bought $64 in MDXT (4)
Holds 160,000 SFM on Mandala (5)
Total Entries: 9
Account B
Market bought $3200 in MDX (200)
Holds 320,000 SFM (10)
Market bought an additional $320 worth of SFM (10)
Total Entries: 220
SFM Deposit Bonus Entries:
The first 1,000 people to deposit 100,000 SFM each will receive bonus entries based on the following:
First 32 to deposit greater than or equal to 100,000 SFM = 32 entries each
Next 168 to deposit greater than or equal to 100,000 SFM = 16 entries each
Next 300 to deposit greater than or equal to 100,000 SFM = 8 entries each
Next 500 to deposit greater than or equal to 100,000 SFM = 4 entries each
How big will the prize pools be?
Let us break it down for you all…
At $10mil SFM Volume a Day:
$10mil SFM volume a day x 30 = $300mil/month Lottery Pool = 0.015% of total SFM volume 0.015% of $300mil = $45,000
How many winners will there be?
32, of course…split equally
What are my chances to win?
Size doesn’t matter…or does it?
Your chances to win are directly proportional to the amount of SFM you hold on the exchange, as well as the number of bonus entries you’ve accrued. The more SFM & MDX you stack, the better chance you have at winning the SafeMoon Spinoff Pool!
How do I know if I win?
Winners will be randomly selected at the end of each month and tokens will be automatically distributed to your Mandala SFM wallet.
You must have at least 1,000 MDX LOCKED and a minimum of 32,000 SFM in your account to qualify for SafeMoon Spin-Off.
Although additional locked MDX do not grant you more entries to SafeMoon Spin-Off, they DO grant you additional entries into our original Mandala Madness Pool!
PS: We are going to start off by seeding the pool $5000!
If Mandala sees our users driving consistent volume to SFM we just MIGHT continue to BOOST the reward pool!
We are incredibly excited to have the SafeMoon Army joining forces with the Mandalarian Army. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside the SafeMoon community and team. This is only the beginning.
We cannot wait to continue to grow our relationship alongside SafeMoon and truly make this more than just a listing, but rather a lasting partnership.
Thank you for choosing Mandala Exchange, we are excited for what lies ahead!
– Mandala Exchange Team
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