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The Story of Mandala Exchange: Revolutionizing Crypto Exchanges

Mandala Exchange

Mandala Exchange

Jan 19 . 5 min read

Trading has never been easier for both newbies and experienced traders in the crypto world, and it’s all because of the revolutionary Mandala Exchange. This new Exchange aims to shake up the traditional way that cryptocurrency exchanges, bringing new trading and investing opportunities to the masses and more. The original concept for the Exchange started in 2017, aiming to become a centralized, secure, and the first compliant digital asset exchange for both individual and institutional traders. However, it wasn’t a walk on the cake as Mandala Exchange had some early setbacks and made a strategic overhaul by 2019. Check out more about this new crypto exchange and where it is now.

What Is the Mandala Exchange?

Trade with confidence with a simplistic but revolutionary platform. The Mandala Exchange is a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange that aims to bring blockchain assets and more exchange features to the masses. The Exchange’s core focus is developing and offering a platform built on security, simplicity, and sustainability. It aims to facilitate users in making simple yet profitable trades through its user-friendly interface and simple to understand trading technology. The Mandala platform targets both beginner investors and seasoned traders alike. Its innovative approach to trading pushes to empower first-time and newbie traders through its user-friendly tools. Meanwhile, it has a host of premium features that offer new and better opportunities to those in the crypto market for a long time. The Exchange is also introducing a functional token, MDX.
  • Total tokens – 400 million
  • Tokens available for sale – 260 million (65%)
  • Payment options – BTC, LTC, ETH
  • Pre-Sale – 0.06 USD/MDX (April 21, 2018 – May 31, 2018)
  • Public Sale – 0.07 USD/MDX (June 1, 2018 – July 13, 2018)

First Private Exchange Launched on Binance Cloud

Besides the services and perks it provides, Mandala Exchange is a history maker in the crypto world. Following its early setbacks and overhaul, Mandala partnered with Binance Cloud to set up its trading platform. Mandala platform became the first privately held Exchange that launched on Binance Cloud, and this partnership comes with a lot of opportunities for the Exchange and its users. The Binance Cloud partnership provided access to the remarkable Binance ecosystem, the largest crypto exchange. The partnership allowed Mandala to take advantage of Binance’s liquidity and technology, including its development resources. It’s the reason why you can also take advantage of many perks at the Mandala platform, such as its innovative features, its sustainability, and the lower fees.

What Makes Mandala Exchange Stand Out

The new Mandala platform powered by Binance Cloud promises security, faster transaction speed, and a much better trading depth. Currently, the Exchange offers hundreds of digital assets you can choose from. With industry-leading technology, the platform hosts around 264 assets to create over 900 pairs that you can start trading. Besides that, there are many other reasons why Mandala is revolutionary and stands out from other crypto exchanges despite being one of the newest platforms in the market.
  • Mandala Exchange is the first fully SEC-compliant digital currency exchange to exist.
  • It boasts a customizable Exchange user interface that makes the platform simple to use, even for first-time traders.
  • The platform also offers an at-a-glance tracking of how other top digital currencies are performing.
  • It provides effortless access to technical charts to see how top trading pairs move based on your chosen timeline.
Moreover, you can trade cryptocurrencies with the Exchange 24/7 using its new mobile applications. The mobile apps feature a clean and simple-to-use interface available for both Android and iOS users.

Mandala Exchange Trading Features

With its focus on revolutionizing digital currency exchanges, Mandala aims to provide resources and features to rectify existing exchange platform issues. Its trading features hope to connect every individual to blockchain technology in the simplest way possible.
  • Hardware Wallet

Adding a native hardware wallet in the Exchange is one of the advantages you can get from Mandala. It’s now hassle-free to store your digital assets securely and safely in cold storage right within the platform.
  • Social Platform

Besides a fantastic trading platform, Mandala also built a community platform where you can communicate with other traders by posting content, which others can read, share, and like.
  • Risk Strategy System

Mandala features a semi-automatic risk strategy tool that can help you protect your digital portfolio. It allows the Exchange to collect account data to provide a safe profit take zone and a risk limit zone. You can then apply this strategy to your current position to safeguard your assets.
  • Trading Fee Rebates

Using Mandala’s native token will unlock exclusive premium features like trading fee rebates depending on your account balance. Utilizing MDX can give you as much as an 80% discount on trading fees.
  • Fiat Gateway

Mandala allows fiat onboarding straight to its trading platform, thanks to its SEC approval.

Perks of Trading with Mandala Exchange

Mandala offers lofty features and tools that make the platform way ahead of its competitors. Its enhanced trading platform dedicates itself to providing the best user experience for both first-time and experienced traders. You will have all the resources, tools, and help you’ll need to navigate the platform and the digital currency market.
  • Resources and Tutorials

Education and knowledge are essential for Mandala, and with its aim to provide a user-friendly platform, you can find that there are endless resources to help you. There are step-by-step guides and tutorials to help with your investment decisions, from basic trading to becoming an expert in market dynamics.
  • Connectivity

Trading doesn’t need to be a solo venture, especially for newbies who are still learning the ropes of investing in digital currencies. Thanks to Mandala’s social platform, connectivity between traders worldwide is possible. It’s a rewarding platform that encourages participation in the MDX community to compare investment strategies and share insights.
  • Customer Support

Among the top priorities of Mandala is to provide unmatched customer support. Hence, the Exchange provided a safe, fair, and fast portal to expedite answering your questions and other customer services. Its latest platform and technology bring a suite of resources and tools to make trading and investing a breeze both to novices and experts. A fully compliant exchange and a trading platform designed with traders in mind are why Mandala Exchange stands out.