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Why Trade With Mandala?

A new era, a new exchange.
Dive into Mandala's revolutionary updated features

Mandala Exchange Spot Trading

Spot Trading

Dive into the revamped Spot Exchange at Mandala. 300+ cryptocurrencies, 1500 pairs, and unmatched liquidity.

Mandala Exchange Futures Icon

Futures Trading

Explore 25+ cryptocurrencies, up to 100x leverage. Customize your risk level and maximize your trading potential.

Mandala Exchange Margin Trading Icon

Margin Trading

Up to 25x leverage, 90+ pairs – strategic trading made easy.

Mandala Exchange Simple Swap Ixcon

Simple Swap

One-click asset swaps for a hassle-free experience. Effortless, efficient, and supporting all cryptocurrencies on our platform.

Mandala Exchange Fiat Ramp Icon

Fiat On & Off Ramp

Powered by Mercuryo, effortlessly transition between fiat and crypto. Expand your trading horizons with ease.

Mandala Exchange Earn Ixon

Earn Rewards

Mandala introduces an exclusive rewards with the MDX token.

Take a look at the amazing results we had achieved

Explore our journey of resilience and commitment. Overcoming challenges, we've evolved to bring you a groundbreaking cryptocurrency trading experience.

We've revolutionized crypto trading with a range of features designed to empower our users. Dive into our past, learn about our accomplishments, and discover the future of crypto trading with Mandala Exchange.

Mandala Exchange Users

Over 80,000+ Users

Join a thriving community of over 80,000 users who trust Mandala Exchange for their cryptocurrency trading needs.
Mandala Exchange 1,500+ Crypto Trading Pairs

1,500+ Trading Pairs

Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, our extensive range of trading pairs caters to your needs.
Mandala Exchange Interface

Easy To Use Interface

Our user-friendly interface is designed with your convenience in mind. Navigating the complex world of cryptocurrency trading has never been easier.

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Get Listed On Mandala Exchange

Get your project listed on Mandala Exchange. Competitive listings. Simple integrations.

MDX Token

The Mandala Exchange Token (MDX) provides specialized trading discounts within Mandala's dynamic trading environment.

MDX Token



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Mandala Exchange Mobile Apps

mobile apps

iOS & Android

Coming soon!

Mandala Exchange ios/android apps

Trade Confidently

Trade confidently and securely on Mandala Exchange with world-class security and support.

Mandala Exchange Security


A wide-range, industry leading security system is implemented to protect Mandala from various technical and fraud threats.

Mandala Exchange Customer Support


Have questions, concerns, or need assistance? Our dedicated support team is here for you 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your KYC Policy?

You can find a complete breakdown of our KYC Policy in our Documentation.

What features are available on Mandala Exchange?

The new and improved Mandala Exchange comes loaded with Spot, Futures, Margin, Simple Swap, Fiat Ramps, MDX Earn & much more...

What is the MDX Token?

The Mandala Exchange Token (MDX) provides specialized trading discounts within Mandala's dynamic trading environment.

Trade MDX 

What Countries can trade on Mandala Exchange?

Please visit our Restricted Countries List to see what countries are prohibited from trading on Mandala Exchange.

What are your trading fees?

Our trading fees on Mandala Exchange vary depending on your MDX holdings. You can learn more about our fee schedule HERE.

How can I get my project listed?

Any project can apply HERE to get listed on Mandala Exchange.